Documents & Forms

Welcome to our virtual filing cabinet!

You can access many other documents that are pertinent to our operating the homeowners association from this page. Financial Documents are password protected, to obtain access to these pages, please submit your request for approval.


Covenants and Restrictions Notice:
This copy of the Covenants and Restrictions is here for your convenience. Download and Print for your records.

Architectural Review

Fence Permits are Required by the City of St. Charles and by the Stable Ridge HOA Architectural Review board.
Download and Print Form for submission to The HOA.


We do not currently have any bids under review.

Board Minutes

Below are the minutes from each of the previous board of directors meetings.

Board Minutes 08/03/2022

Board Minutes 06/30/2021

Board Minutes 05/05/2021

Board Minutes 06/08/2020

Board Minutes 03/04/2020

Board Minutes 04/18/2018

Board Minutes 08/07/2017

Board Minutes 05/29/2007

Board Minutes 02/25/2007